• Dual Returns
  • ±5 cm accuracy
  • 32 channels
  • 700,000 Points Per Second
  • 360° Horizontal FOV
  • +10° to -30° Vertical FOV

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) is a proven approach to creating fast and accurate terrain models for applications in many types of industries. The technology is based on a scanning laser combined with both GPS and inertial technology to create a three dimensional set of points (point cloud).

UAV LiDAR is a relatively new land surveying technique, which is based on high precision laser scanners, the Global Positioning System (GPS) and Inertial Navigation Systems (INS). Combined, they allow the positioning and orientation of the footprint of a laser beam as it hits an object, to a high degree of accuracy.

Through the use UAV photogrammetry and lidar mapping, there are many products which can be extracted from the aerial imagery.  These products include:

  • DEM / DTM / DSM (surface models)
  • Orthophoto’s (geospatially corrected aerial images)
  • 3D Building Models
  • Contour Maps
  • Planemetric features (road edges, heights, signs, building footprints, etc)
  • Volumetric Surveys

Here are some of the best uses of lidar and photogrammetry.  All of these sectors benefit for having precision 3D images of their projects.  They also benefit with increased efficiency and reduced costs than using traditional aircraft.

  • Forestry Management and Planning
  • Flood Modelling
  • Pollution Modelling
  • Mapping and Cartography
  • Urban Planning
  • Coastline Management
  • Transport Planning
  • Oil and Gas Exploration
  • Quarries and Minerals (Volumetrics and Exploration)
  • Archaeology
  • Cellular Network Planning