Commercial & Residential Real Estate

Real Estate is one field where aerial photography and videography services provided by UAViation have become extremely popular among the clients. If you are planning of selling your property at high rates, we can help you by arranging stunning images of your property taken by our unmanned aerial vehicles. Our images and videos will surprise you as you see your property in a whole new perspective. These high definition images taken from a great height up in the sky portray your property in magical new colors to allure potential buyers.

Drones at your service to produce stunning images of the property

Our drones are fitted with high resolution cameras and computers that are remotely controlled by highly experienced drone operators. If you are planning to list your property, do not forget to hire our services to add stunning aerial images and videos of your property to get high rates. You can ask for a voice over in the videos to describe the attractive features of your property to make it more alluring for a prospective buyer.


Monitor the progress of your project

If you are a developer, our images and videos taken from a drone can help in highlighting the view of the property especially if it is an island property or a water front property. Our services can help you in getting buyers for your projects by showing them pre-development views and also the future view of their desired floor once the building have been constructed. We can also program flight plans that help developers monitor the progress of construction at all stages of development.