Events & Marketing

UAVs bring to mind images of aerial vehicles that are capable of surveillance and monitoring of tough and remote terrains. But drones fitted with high quality cameras can also capture beautiful images of events involving people from a great height. They can even cover an entire event to create HD videos from a height of up to 400 feet to provide a new and exciting perspective of the event. We at UAViation Aerial Imaging Solutions Ltd. provide services to cover events organized on the ground. Our drones can capture the event taking stunning images and videos from a height to provide a totally new angle to photography. These images and videos look spectacular and make up for long lasting memories for the organizers and the guests

Long lasting memories through aerial photographs and videos of your marriage

If it is your wedding that is coming up, you can hire our services to cover the outdoor event and produce aerial images and videos from a height to impress all your guests. You will be pleasantly surprised to view the facial expressions, the smiles, and the action of the friends and relatives during the ceremony as these aerial images and video footage are totally different from what you get through conventional photography and videography. We work with your photographer to capture your special day from another perspective.

Promote an event

If you are organizing an outdoor event, or an exhibition, you can hire our services to get spectacular views of all the action. Our drones keep flying over the event area and do their work quietly. They will capture high resolution images of people taking part in the event that you can release after the event to impress your customers.