Today, UAViation is offering its services in several different industries. We have our professionals
working in commercial and residential real estate aerial photography and videography. Marine services which includes yacht and boat aerial photography. Events and marketing including outdoor weddings & events, inspections and site surveys such as roof and infrastructure inspections, golf courses and other aerial imagery services.

We also offer services in precision agriculture, NDVI imaging, monitoring, and environmental services. We are here to bring new perspectives to aerial photography and videography to help other industries accomplish feats faster, safer with greater efficiency than ever before.

excellenceOur state of the art UAVs operate with low noise levels and are capable of flying at high altitudes (maximum 400’). Unlike fixed wing aircraft or helicopters we are able to get within close proximity and coupled with our high end camera systems we are being able to capture the highest resolution motion and still images to meet your entire aerial and cinematography requirements.