About UAViation

Based in Coquitlam, BC-UAViation Aerial Imaging Solutions has been providing clients a one-stop shop for all their aerial needs since early 2015. From drone operation services for productions, unique aerial photos and videos for our clients to industrial applications and search & rescue , our team has the expertise to provide services unlike any others.

Our approach from the beginning has been to be as hands on as possible with our clients. High quality aerials captured via drones are relatively new to many industries, our expertise to provide helpful insight has become an invaluable tool on every project. No project is too complex or small, so we invite you to discuss your needs anytime with one of our helpful team members.

Today, UAViation is offering its services in several different industries. We have our professionals working in the commercial and residential real estate aerial photography and videography. Marine services which includes yacht and boat aerial photos/videos. Events and marketing, and much more. Inspections, site surveys & mapping such as infrastructure inspections, golf courses and other aerial services. Also Agricultural NDVI imaging, monitoring, environmental services, and search & rescue services.

We are here to bring new perspectives to aerial photography and videography to help other industries accomplish feats faster, safer with greater efficiency than ever before.
Utilizing the most modern technology with the most sophisticated camera systems and aircraft we deliver the best and highest quality UAV/Drone services in Metro Vancouver and throughout BC.

UAViation recently expanded its operation to Victoria and Kelowna. With our professionals based throughout BC, we can now serve our clients faster and more efficient. We have partnered up with professional surveyors, videographers, LiDAR, surveying and mapping to accommodate all our clients and make us a one stop shop for all your professional aerial needs.

Our state of the art UAVs operate with low noise levels and are capable of flying at high altitudes (maximum 400’). Unlike fixed wing aircraft or helicopters we are able to get within close proximity and coupled with our high end camera systems we are being able to capture the highest resolution motion and still images to meet your entire aerial and cinematography requirements.

We are locally owned business and BC’s leading fully certified and insured commercial UAV aerial photography and videography specialists. UAViation Aerial Imaging Solutions holds standing SFOC to operate anywhere within BC and in any controlled or uncontrolled airspace.

Our flight certificate authorizes us to fly in:

  • Class C
  • Class D
  • Class E
  • Class F (CYA)
  • Class G
  • Night VFR
  • Any weather conditions

Contact us for a free quote and to book your next aerial adventure.